SNAI Shareholder Trust: Direct Deposit

SNAI Shareholders,
This is a friendly reminder to get in your new SNAI Shareholder Trust direct deposit forms for this year’s distribution! The deadline to submit the new trust form is by the end of business day this coming Monday, 04/01. We mailed/emailed out a form with the newsletter in December, which I have attached to this email. At this point, it is too late to put a new form and voided check in the mail, but here is how you can still submit your new direct deposit form to be eligible for the distribution on April 12th :
• Fill out the form attached and submit ASAP with a voided check: It can be filled out electronically, except the signature line (unless you have an e-signature saved to your computer or have
the ability to create one.)
• If you do not have an e-signature, print the form, fill out and sign, and then you can take a picture and send to with the picture of the form and
a picture of your voided check.
• If you do not have a check, please submit a letter from your banking institution stating:
>>> Full name of person or persons on account
>>> Full routing number
>>> Full account number
>>> Type of account: Checking or Savings

**SNAI will not accept direct deposit forms that do not include either a voided check or letter from your banking institution.

All direct deposit forms that were submitted prior to the Shareholder Trust will no longer be valid and those shareholders will receive a check this year, unless you’ve submitted the new form. Please do not hesitate to reach out to SNAI if you are not sure whether you’ve sent in the updated form.

SNAI Trust Direct Deposit Agreement Form-Fill in


Alicia Conti
Office Administrator
Seldovia Native Association, Inc.

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