2021 Election Results

The 48th Annual Shareholder Meeting was held in Seldovia on May 15th. At the meeting, three Directors were chosen and many prizes were awarded. Jessica Carlough was newly elected to the Board of Directors while John Crawford and Don Kashevaroff were re-elected. The prize winners picked at random were Roger Wallin Sr., who won $500 for the Early Bird prize; Tyra Bowden picked up $1,000 for the Special Online/Mail in prize; Frank Kashevaroff won the $1,000 Grand Prize; JoAnn Harpole won the $500 prize. Winning $100 each also, were Eugene Cameron, Loretta Conway, Desiree Markle, Jovoane Maher-Lawrence, and Alice Beighely. Thanks to everyone for participating, and thanks to Dexter Ogle for his service the last three years on the Board (Dexter chose to not run for another term).