Our Mission

Our People, Responsibly Managing Our Resources, For Now and the Future.

Our Vision

To be Alaska’s most successful hospitality company while developing our resources in a sustainable manner.

  • Be a stable company specializing in the hospitality industry in Alaska
  • One of the most successful Alaska Native Corporations
  • Effective stewardship and management of our resources
  • Have proud and happy Shareholders by maximizing the Company’s value

Our Values and Beliefs

  • Be responsible and accountable to Shareholders
  • Good stewardship of land and assets
  • Sustain development
  • Uphold and follow policies
  • Safeguard and promote our culture and identity
  • Encourage Shareholder hire, growth and development

Our Shareholders

There are currently 435 Shareholders of Seldovia Native Association, Inc.

Our Board of Directors

The Board consist of nine (9) members. Please see “Board of Directors” section for more information.