Seldovia Native Association, Inc. owns 181,000+ acres of land on both sides of Cook Inlet. A large portion of the Corporation’s land is located adjacent to the Community of Seldovia and along the shoreline and uplands adjacent to the Kachemak Bay. All of Seldovia Native Association, Inc.’s lands are private lands and access is allowed by permit only and any unauthorized or unpermitted use of Seldovia Native Association, Inc. lands is considered trespass and violators could be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The following maps show the location of Seldovia Native Association, Inc. lands and should be used for reference only. We welcome your inquiries and ask your respect in accessing and enjoying the resources our land offers. Land Use Guidelines and Maps


To obtain further information about use of our lands, please contact the Home Office at: (907) 234-7625 or via e-mail: 

It’s easy to apply. First step: Fill out the information below, click to submit the application and a representative will contact you after it’s been processed. Second step: Proceed to process your payment below.

  • Provide all names of family/group members who will also be accessing the land under this permit.
  • Choose which permit you are applying for.
  • Please provide specifics on information regarding your request for land use.