Kimberly Kashevarof | April 2018 Chair of the Board Report

SNA has seen many good and bad years since it was created in 1972. This unfortunately has been one of the bad years. SNA’s first President and chief executive, President Fred Elvsaas passed away. In his 20 plus years leading SNA as the chief executive, we have seen challenging times and great times. The company we have today owes so much to his guidance over all 45 years of SNA. After Fred retired from operations, he stayed on the Board, serving as President, Vice President or whatever was needed at the time. Fred was instrumental in the Kachemak Bay Park Trade where SNA transferred 29,000 acres to the State of Alaska and received land and substantial compensation. The Board would later use some of these funds to build the Dimond Center Hotel. Fred’s life experience and knowledge of history helped SNA secure all 187,000 acres of our lands, with the last 73,000 acres finally being awarded in 2013, almost 40 years after the government promised them to us. During those final selections, the younger board members relied heavily on the ‘old timers’ who were still on the board (Fred Elvsaas and John Crawford) to negotiate and overcome the issues with the rest of the CIRI villages. Fred’s legacy will always live on in SNA and I feel it is up to your Board to make sure that it profitably does.

The other bad news from last year are the operational losses. The good news is that the results of last year are fixable and that is what your Board has been striving to do. Based on the numerous problems and losses SNA faced last year, the Board took the step of replacing management. In the 45 years SNA has existed, SNA has only had four chief executives so the Board did not take replacing the CEO lightly,  but thought it was necessary and  prudent to restore profitability now and for the future.  And we expect a much better future.  Among other things this coming year, look for more information from the Board on creating an Alaska Native Settlement Trust which will allow SNA to distribute dividends that are tax free.

Kimberly Kashevarof
Chair of the Board