Kimberly Kashevarof | April 2017 Chair of the Board Report

We are privileged to present our Annual Report which highlights a year of progress and growth for the Seldovia Native Association Inc., (SNAI) Shareholders and decedents.

Part of SNAI’s core values are dividends to shareholders.  In March, the SNAI Board of Directors declared at $7.80 per share dividend in accordance with its dividend policy.  This year’s dividend reflects growth of 18% over last year. This dividend was generated by business performance and financial discipline but it is important to note SNAI offers Shareholders more than just a dividend, many other notable benefits for Shareholders include cultural programs, land exploration and academic scholarships.

SNAI is also proud of its donations to the Seldovia Education Foundation.  Since 1997 the foundation has awarded more than $205,000 in funds used to further the education of SNAI shareholders.  SNAI also supports Culture Camps, as they bring our people together to honor our traditions of people from the Cook Inlet area.

We continue to operate and grow our business in a responsible and sustainable manner.  Preserving and enhancing our culture and core values was a prevalent theme throughout 2016 and we will seek to exceed the expectations of Shareholders and other stakeholders now and in the future.  This is our ongoing commitment for 2017 and beyond.

We appreciate the trust, you, our shareholders have placed in this Board. Thank you for the continued support of our corporation, and remember you can help guide the future by gifting shares and making sure you have an up to date Stock Will on file.